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Failure to Notify Voluntary Sector Associate of Client’s Criminal Past

I tweeted last night about how i was contacted by someone i know works in the Voluntary Sector and whose charity has been subcontracted by a Work Programme prime. She was in a one to one meeting with a Customer. This Customer, when asked if he had any criminal convictions admitted that he had been convicted of rape and had told the Prime of that fact.

Naturally the advisor couldn’t raise an issue there and then, however, no where on the Customer’s case notes, both on paper and on the Primes’ computer database did it say that Customer had a criminal history and if it had not been for the Customer’s honesty, no one in the charity office (mostly women incidentally) or any of the vulnerable clients who visit the office (the charity does more than Work Programme activities) would be aware of this fact.

After the meeting, the advisor raised issue with the Prime’s local manager and even they seem to be surprised at this lapse of communication. He did however tell her that a full investigation will be launched and assured her that her staff and the charity’s clients safety were top priority.

This particular charity works with some of society’s most vulnerable people, taking a wide range of clients, from the elderly and long term disabled to younger people with no where to go and who need help. If it had not been for this Customer’s honesty, i would dread to think about what could have happened.

I will post more as the investigation continues.

For now, i feel it isn’t necessary to name the Prime involved till their investigation is complete.

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