Two Birds, One Blog – Journey into Politics

23 Feb

I am a bit perturbed by the attitude of or current government. It is true, the area i come from has been predominantly Labour for quite some time now and growing up my personal political views may have been coloured by growing up in a not majorly but non-the-less Labour family. However, growing up, i did the normal childish things and ignored the back and forth and posturing of PMQ’s, rolling my eyes whenever my great gran or gran would change the channel from cartoons to a room full of boisterous and yelling old men. Leave it up to the old people and go harass the cat, that was the routine.

A decade and a bit later, i have come to my political awakening. What once was the realm of the older generation has been passed onto me. It’s been a slow start to be fair. Primarily setting up this blog to document my time on the Work Programme to let others know about how these companies run and how they treat their “Customers”, but in light of the events over the past couple of weeks, in relation to the Welfare Reform Bill, NHS Reform Bill and indeed, the Work Programme, it has become apparent that my little blog about how the WP is run is clearly a tiny part of a much bigger machine.

I realised this mainly due to Twitter. Starting the blog, as i have done with many of my others in the past, i thought i would have given up on it within a couple of days and let everything take it’s course and complain when everything was implemented. Yet Twitter keeps me blogging. I originally thought that i was preaching to the crowd,  that my words would get taken up by some and generally ignored by others. However the response from twitter, both like minded and against has been a revelation to me and makes me realise words have power and it is this which has been keeping me hooked for weeks and continues to do so.

It seems to me, that Westminster seems to undervalue the power of sites such as Twitter for allowing “militant” organisations to rise up and cause the Government trouble. This is simply not the case. If anything, websites such as Twitter have opened up channels for a more public and fair debate on policies and bills which affect the UK public at large. Perhaps Government of any colour is unused to so much information being freely available online and the fact other organisations can criticize policy at the touch of a button and gather support quickly. Perhaps if parties took on Twitter and similar sites as a platform for debate and valid opinion, then they may realise that they have a valuable resource on their hands and not a “militant” force as they seem to enjoy spouting.

It is difficult for me to articulate into words (typed or written) how i feel about politics just yet and i am yet to make a party allegiance. This is entirely new ground for me, so my blog posts may come across as basic and simple in their terminology. But the words are meant and honest. This is more than just being on the Work Programme. This is the future of the working classes in the UK at stake. This blog has taken me to see what’s really going on across the country and how many people are angry and upset at the way the Government regards the most vulnerable in society.


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