05 Feb

I have been thinking something over since my group “Appointment”. I didn’t include it in my original blog about it, because i didn’t know how to tackle this kind of issue, as i’ve never had to tackle something like this before.

My view in creating this blog was primarily to focus on the Work Programme and how effective it is, however i’m beginning to notice that the WP is just a smaller wheel in a much bigger network of cogs (hence the gravitar lol).

Whilst waiting for my “Appointment” to begin, i noticed a young gentleman sitting next to an older woman. Nothing strange there. It wasn’t until this gentleman’s was called into the “Appointment” that i realised this woman was in fact the gentleman’s mother and his carer. As his name was called, he glanced at his mother, who uttered under her breath “I’m not allowed in, love, i’ll be right here, go on, you’ll be fine.”, the look of worry on his face was plain to everyone, but she smiled encouragingly at him and said he’d be fine once again.

We all got through the 10 minute “Appointment” without fault and left the building (something else that annoy’s me, we were meant to tour the office to find out where the facilities and fire exits were, we didn’t).

The reason why i am thinking a lot over this is because i know that in the past, people on programmes such as New Deal were assessed and given help based on their level of “Job Readiness” and so forth, with this, a culture of “Parking and Creaming” grew up, in which the “Customers” who were further away from being job ready were parked and not much assistance given and the “Customers” who were closer to be getting job ready were creamed for a faster result and pay-off. Apparently that won’t happen under this system as the providers are paid for a successful end result, i for one can see thousands being parked. Having worked with unemployed people being moved onto JSA from DLA, i’m wondering if there are any effective procedures in place to make sure that these people (many with hidden mental illness) are looked after and given the appropriate care whilst on the WP or if they should even be on the WP at all.

I’m wondering and i’m worried. If there are no provisions and networks of support in place for some of the most vulnerable people in our society, how far behind will they be before the Providers and the Government realise they’re lost?

Sorry if this makes no sense, as i say i’m constantly thinking about this and my minds all frazzled about it.

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