Questions, Questions…

04 Feb

Since it’s still another two weeks till my actual one to one appointment with my advisor, I thought I’d fill my time in by producing a questionnaire asking WP “Customers” old and new what their experiences have been like on the WP. I am also doing this as views about the WP and their providers are varied and wide-spread around a number of sites, providing a questionnaire will bring many of these views in one place and allow us to see where the main flaws are currently in the way the WP is provided.

VERY IMPORTANT: The questionnaire is of course, completely optional, you DO NOT have to give your name, location or the name of the provider you are currently with or any other information in regards to the benefits that you receive.

Sorry, couldn’t resist adding an obvious “This is optional” disclaimer, though i mean what i say, you don’t have to give any information akin to that mentioned about, just your experiences on the WP.

Now, as a newbie in the “Customer” area, I only know of a couple of questions to ask so far. So I ask you, what type of question would you like to see on the questionnaire?

Send me a tweet @WorkEthic89 or email me,, alternatively, reply to this post with the type of questions you’d like to see and answer.



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